Sunday, 3 October 2010

DIY SURGERY - Dont try this at home

When you are managing people remotely there's a temptation to leave people alone to get on with life, and after all people don't want to be micro-managed. But recently I was reminded of the importance of spending quality time with people in a supportive role, so they know you care and they have someone to lean on, with surprising results.
I was travelling to a european country and spending time with one of the leaders where he described his frustration with people who don't follow through.
He described the problem where some issue had been outstanding for 3 months, and not outstanding in the positive sense.
As that person happened to be in the office that day I suggested we got him to come into the room where we were working, we quickly discussed the problem together and came up with a joint solution which he went away and immediately resolved.

We repeated this with 3 other individuals throughout the day with similar success.

Wow, this got me thinking !

We are always so busy being busy that sometimes I missed the obvious.

If you manage people remotely, why not set up a "Surgery Day" where you can spend constructive time with the manager, but also play a supportive role with the larger team, and build a brilliant relationships at the same time, getting to know people better but visually showing your support.
Do it Your Self Surgery!, try it, you will get amazing results (don't try this at home)

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