Tuesday, 10 January 2012


A few years ago when MSN was in vogue I asked the teacher at my daughters school, if the new way of communicating is effecting the way students are writing and communicating.
She looked at me in that slightly smug teacher way and said “YES” with think  bubbles smoldering, you dummy! That's ok otherwise the English Language wouldn't evolve, and we would still be talking in old English, (aint it dude). In addition, this is potentially a great way for people to communicate, keeping up to date faster than anything before and shaping the way people communicate. (When it's not obsessive, conversation for another blog!)

The truth is, being an early adopter, I already had a Facebook account even before the kids were old enough to use a computer, appreciating I’m banned from linking to them; so I realised very early on the power of social media.
People in business were worried about people using Facebook at work, taking too much time away, but if channelled potentially an enhancement in communication.
Social media is nothing new, when the earth was cooling and I had my first mobile phone small enough to put on the desk, I remember texting motivational messages to my team to help get them focused and driven, even though they sometimes didn’t know how to read a text message.

“Very Interesting Gary”, what’s the point you are trying to make, apart from obviously being qualified to go on a Saga holiday I hear you say.

Well the point is this. I have had numerous conversations with people recently where they will say that they don’t get that Twitter thing, or get the point of social media. Why would anyone be Interested in the fact that you are standing outside Starbucks having a coffee or that you are now in Tesco’s doing your shopping, and there is a kid lying down screaming in the confectionary Aisle.

They wouldn’t!

I was in the same place a while ago, and someone politely told me not to be a Twit!

I was missing the point.

The value of social media is to create momentum around a given point, cause or personal brand.
Using the power of LinkedIn/Twitter and writing blogs, little and often and linking them together acts as a catalyst to your cause.
Let me give you an example. My Daughter recently write a fantastic article on her blog: http://noteworthyjournal.tumblr.com/ about a fashion designer and her excellent designs, copying the fashion designer directly. The said designer re-tweeted the message to many thousands of followers, and over 1000 reviewed her blog in the next two days, and over 100 people signed up.

So, what should we do to avoid missing the boat?

People that are good at this use LinkedIn as shop front, keeping it current and Interesting, use a small number of Apps to keep people lightly informed about activity without boring them to death; and try to write interesting tweets, blog monthly and work to link them together.

Three things that would make the biggest difference:
1. LinkedIn
2. Blog
3. Twitter
And use them in conjunction

Create Momentum by designing simple themes and linking them together like a campaign. This will act as a Catalyst to your message and cause.
Avoid glib advertising of your service or product, it’s a massive turnoff, especially over generalizing your messages, and look for Interesting headings that capture peoples attention in a busy world.

Look around you, if you know someone that’s not using what’s available to them or in denial, they may be a Twit rather than a Twitter.