Friday, 13 November 2009

Going forward to go backwards!

If you highlight someones weaknesses they go backwards by 75%,
If you highlight their strengths they go forward by 14%.
Yes Gary!, that's all very well I hear you say, you don't live in the real world. Are you saying that we shouldn't address issues, and be all soft with people. Absolutely not, but it certainly opens the mind to the consequences.


  1. Change is a constant which is difficult for some people to embrace. 3% of people create change, 38% of people support change, 41% of people accept change and 18% of people resist change. So if you want to grow a business you need a mixture of creators, supporters and acceptors. Where are you in this mix?

  2. Gary, have you read any of Timothy Galwey's Inner Game books?

    Phil - I think Gary's a creator :-)

  3. Doesn't knowing your weaknesses make you more self aware and then you can do something about them? and isn't it the way in which the weakness is communicated that would determine if it makes you go backwards or forwards?

    I once had the comment in a 360degree review "Julian doesn't suffer fools gladly"

    This made my think about the fact that what was obvious and easy for me, might not be for others, and that I should take the time to see things from others perspectives.


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