Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Lone Ranger or the Invisible Man

Let's face it, most people think customer service sucks!

We've all been there. So few examples to draw on for good customer service. The moment that stands out, where you want to share this rare event with everyone.

Normally it's the stuff you gasp at, you would have found it difficult to plan to give service in this way, you feel you are on one of those management courses where they demonstrate how bad it can be.

No one wants to laugh too much, as they are not too sure what might be happening in their organisation.

The truth is, it doesnt take much to differentiate and stand out, as the majority of customer experience is underwhelming

So go the extra mile, treat every activity like the customer depends on it, get noticed, no one else is doing it..... your customers will love you for it!

Don't be Invisible....Stand out!