Tuesday, 2 February 2010

We Evolve while they Dissolve

People develop over time, like a muscle the more experience they have the better they become, as they add knowledge and learn what works and what doesn't work. I think you will agree that we are better and more capable at what we do now, than we were five years ago.
If you are with me so far, then you would also agree if you put a bunch of these people together, like minded people who have developed or evolved, that it would create a power to be reckoned with ?
The collective wisdom and experience of people in Organisations should lead to accelerated learning and progress.
Still with me ?
Now think of a Company that springs to mind that is harnessing this power that is moving in the same direction as the evolution of the sum of its people.
They are few and far between, and they do exist, but most organisations are either staying level or sometimes going backwards.
The key difference between Organisations Evolving or Dissolving is that they create the environment to understand that they hired smart people who collectively can make a difference and contribute to multiplying success, use this as a catalyst and are mainly externally focussed.
Are you harnessing what you have access to ?

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  1. Absolutely true and the key point for me that differentiates such companies is the person who sits at the top. In my experience companies that run by committee, working parties etc... will by their very nature of working practices never set the world alight but will be steady, chug along type companies. The ones that tend to set the world alight are those that have a Leader who sets the pace in their typically dictatorial and controlling management style, think Steve Jobs at Apple, Jack Welch when he was at GE, Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway.... these type of people attract certain type of people to their companies as do the committee, working party type companies where the view is that they are safe havens to work in, not upset the apple cart. You could argue that the smart people are the ones who chug along all their lives with a steady job, steady income etc.... whereas the other end of the scale tends to be high risk roles until such time as the company becomes established, but hey how boring would that be for all us risk takers out there!!!


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