Sunday, 16 January 2011

discomfortably comfortable

I speak with a great deal of people who are discontent at the moment for a number of reasons, time rolls on before you know it months and years go by, and we sometimes look back and wonder where time went.
I spoke with someone the other day, he told me he married his wife to spend more time with her and ended up marrying his work instead.
People are working really hard, then the market challenge came and it compacted the problem. People started to fear more, maybe about their jobs, their Boss told them they should be thankful they had a job, and before you know it you end up putting up with the very thing we said we never would.
Then procrastination steps in, we are too busy being busy to stop and sharpen the axe.

Whenever we start a new job or take over a new function we write a 90 day plan and arrange an offsite meeting to strategise on where we should go with the team, but how often do we do the same for ourselves.
We write appraisals for our team and do one on one meetings to talk about their future, but what about ourselves.
I appreciate at a senior level its not cool to think about these things, but business is fragile, its a complex city structure made of paper, and any day someone can walk on your  paper city with little notice.

Take some time out to reflect on what you are doing and what you really want to do, and build a plan to get there, you deserve it !

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