Thursday, 6 May 2010

Keep your head when others are losing theirs

It’s an interesting time at the moment, a number of people are recalling similar stories, the current market is bringing out the best and the worst behaviour in people. Pressure and uncertainty does interesting things to people. consequence is you may be working for someone right now that’s acting a little strange and putting you under pressure for non rational reasons. You may even be one of those people, no Gary, not me I hear you say, maybe you dont realise it. Anyway, they can be forgiven, tough market, uncertainty, a little bit nervous.

The truth is the reality is a little different, you get what you expect, and there are a number of people out there who are really moving forward at the moment.They are keeping their heads when others are losing theirs, and I don’t mean jobs. Its not what happens to you right now that matters its how you react to what happens. A close friend once told me, don’t worry about organisational change, keep your head, work hard, be professional, and wait 3 months it will all change anyway, and to be honest, if it doesn’t, you can.

We spend most of our day at work, we may as well make sure we’re having fun.

Here is a tip for changing someones mood, especially the grumpy ones;

You can make 9 out of 10 people like you immediately!

You can make 9 out of 10 people courteous, cooperative and friendly in 1 second (with the same magic)

How I hear you ask, well its very simple are you will probably think a little too simple, but it works.

Remember that the first few seconds of any relationship usually sets the tone and spirit of it. and then by utilising the 2nd basic law of human behaviour, people strongly tend to respond in kind to the behaviour of other people. In every human relations act a dealing between two people there is an atmosphere, a mood, a stage set, the skill is to set the atmosphere, either you set it or the other person will, set it and you own the advantage. Sounds simple but its really works!

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