Monday, 26 April 2010

How to get 15 Swedish Meatballs

I had an Interesting shopping experience the other day, went to IKEA, had to follow the yellow brick road around the store, not allowed off the path, to make sure you see everything in the store before you end up at the end of the conveyer belt in the restaurant.

This is the big moment, Swedish Meatballs! I was really looking forward to this culinary delight, but I was greeted by someone serving who clearly didn’t want to be there, if only she knew it takes more effort to frown than to smile, but by the look of her face, she hadn’t made this discovery.

I watched her counting the 10 meatballs per customer slopped onto the plate.

I noticed the badge, “Vera happy to help”, are you sure ?

I couldnt resist…… I called her by name, took an interest in her, made her laugh and ended up getting 15 Swedish Meatballs with extra potatoes and a large smile.

What’s the moral to the story.

Building relationships is the main key to success in anything you do. You will get better results by a magnitude.

It’s easy to moan and complain about the way people are, but it takes Balls! to do something positive and contructive about it.

…… and watch out because the impact will be tremendous.

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